TradFest Tailors Hall

Tailor’s Hall

The oldest surviving Guild Hall in Dublin which has been at the heart of Dublin for over 300 years, dating from 1707. Located on Back Lane where tailors, brewers, goldsmiths, glovers, barber-surgeons, couriers and saddlers all plied their trades at various times Tailors Hall has had a variety of uses, including a meeting place for the Tailors’ Guild and other Guilds. It was also used for entertainment, teaching, as an army barracks and a court house and is of considerable architectural and historical interest. After significant decline in the 20th century it was saved and restored by An Taisce – National Trust for Ireland – and is now used as its headquarters.

Tailors’ Hall is best known for the series of important meetings held there in 1792 organised by the Catholic committee. These came to be known as ‘The Back Lane Parliament’ – reflecting the actual front of the building on Back Lane.


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