A Song For Ireland Screening Irish Film Institute TradFest 2020 Temple Bar Dublin

A Song For Ireland – Screening

Date: Jan 25

TradFest 2020 Screenings at the Irish Film Institute

The film, is one of eight documentaries made in Northern Ireland by award-winning Irish-American filmmaker Arthur MacCaig.  It traces the history of Ireland through her music, and Ireland’s music through her history. A SONG FOR IRELAND reveals how the nation’s rich musical heritage has been influenced by its long and tumultuous political struggle, one in which music and rebel songs became cultural weapons in its anti-colonial resistance. The film uses archival footage to chronicle key points  in Irish history – the 1916 Rising; the birth of the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland in 1969; the IRA hunger strikes in 1981 and the unfolding of the peace process in 2001 –  interweaving interviews with, and performances by, leading Irish and Irish-American musicians.

Filmed in Derry, Belfast and New York City, A SONG FOR IRELAND features such talented musicians as Chris Byrne, Declan McLaughlin, Eileen Webster, Pol McAdaim, Maria Cahill, and the Wolfe Tones. Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane, an IRA leader imprisoned during the Eighties, later a composer and singer, performs a number of songs with the group Tuan and discusses the historical and political roots of Irish music.

2001/ 55 mins/ Digital

DATE: Sat 25th January
TIME: 1pm
VENUE: Irish Film Institute, Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
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Thanks to our friends and sponsors
Thanks to our friends and sponsors