Zoë Conway and John Mc Intyre TradFest 2019 Sold Out

Zoë Conway & John McIntyre

Date: Sat 26th of January
Time: Doors 3.30pm / Show 4pm
Venue: Rathfarnham Castle
Ticket: 14.99

With an exciting blend of eclectic fiddle and guitar music, Zoë Conway and John Mc Intyre bring to the stage unique arrangements of traditional Irish music, compositions and songs, old and new.  The husband and wife folk duo possesses a rare facility to draw pieces into their repertoire from other genres such as classical, jazz and world music and express this material in way which not only displays the sheer range and knowledge of both instrumentalists but also exhibits the wonderful versatility of their instruments. They have released two recordings to date – the newest release is a superb collection of live European performances, ‘Live in Concert’, released in spring 2017. Their mesmerising musical interaction on-stage really needs to be experienced to be believed. They are without doubt one of the finest folk duos playing today. 

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Thanks to our friends and sponsors
Thanks to our friends and sponsors