Stockton's Wing TradFest 2018 Dublin Ireland

Stockton’s Wing

Stockton’s Wing began their career in Ennis sometime in 1977, taking their name from the Bruce Springsteen song ‘Backstreets’. The band signed a deal with Tara Records after winning the Trad section of a music contest in Limerick. A group called U2 won the rock section. The band’s first album, produced by PJ Curtis, received rave reviews from national and international press. Many more raves and triumphs would follow.

In the summer of 1988 they shared the stage with Michael Jackson in Cork. The following year they made a guest appearance with Sammy Davis Jnr. in Dublin as part of his world tour with Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli. Stockton’s Wing would go on to record twelve albums, each one highlighting the excitement, drive and virtuosity of each individual in the band. They return to TradFest with Mike Hanrahan Tommy Hayes, Steve Cooney, Paul Roche, Tara Breen  and Karl Lynch.

The Merchant’s Arch
Thursday Jan 25th 6pm

The Temple Bar
Friday Jan 26th 6pm

The Norseman
Sunday Jan 28th 4pm


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Thanks to our friends and sponsors
Thanks to our friends and sponsors